Nagoya Castle – Sakura season

After my short visit to Yamazaki river, we heading to Nagoya Castle (where sakura also blooming there~)

I’ve been visiting several castles until now (Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima), and I think Nagoya castle quite worth to visit, they have big collections in the museum inside the castle and they have pretty sakura trees inside their complex~ too bad the garden closed already when we finish going around the castle 😦

Nearest train station to Nagoya castle is Shiyakusho station, and just walk 5 minutes from exit 7. Entrance fee is 500 yen, and if you need to store luggage, they have coin locker inside, although not so many lockers available, we manage to put 3 of our luggage there ^^” (because we can’t get the vacant lockers in Nagoya station).


foods temptation along the way
manhole cover that always have unique design everywhere in Japan~
Kato Kiyomasa’s statue
see the sakura~~ errr yeah there’s gate behind it, we walk through the gate
but seriously, the sakura flowers so pretty here…!
lovely view..~~ if only there’s no construction beside the castle -___-

We spend quite some time inside, because we’re observing everything inside the castle, lol~ not to mention we’re collecting the stamp (I will write the post about this separately later) so we manage to get the Nagoya castle stamp on the top floor…! XD

What you see inside the castle usually some historical prop that related to the castle, some old armor or weapon, etc.



the view from the top~

And there is one display (I think for kids… ehm…) in the castle where you can take picture with the infamous golden carp~ I always think that carp have dragon head πŸ˜›


We spend like… around two or two and half hours in Nagoya castle, so when we go out from the castle, the garden (still in the castle complex) is closed already 😦


But you can still see lot of sakura trees in the castle complex~ πŸ™‚

So… I recommend this place if you’re visiting Nagoya πŸ˜€


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