Cherry blossom at Yamazaki River, Nagoya

Hello there~ I decide to quickly update on the sakura / cherry blossom part because it’s the season already…! So last year I visit Japan and my point of entry was Chubu Airport in Nagoya, so I plan to find sakura straight away after I reach the city.

To my surprise, one of the best place to view Sakura was in Nagoya πŸ™‚

We reach Nagoya Station and take the subway to Mizuho Undojo-higashi station. Actually this sakura viewing spot is in the middle of several stations’ exit :


So I walk from Mizuho Undojo Nishi, not so far away you can spot some people walking to the same direction to see the sakura~

along the way~

We reach there just in time for the full blossom, although the weather so cloudy (no blue sky, sob).

see, how pretty they are…!!!

We reach the bridge and take some pictures~ (actually we non stop taking pictures, pffff…)

people doing hanami along the river~

I wish I bring some onigiri or bento to eat under the trees 😦 too bad we come here after lunch so we just look around and taking pictures… enjoying the beautiful scenery~


The good thing here is, not so crowded with people, and it’s free~ they also have the lights at night (which I didn’t see because we went to Nagoya castle after that 😦 ).

Enjoy the view~


different kind of sakura tree~


pretty flowers…!!
sakura’s blizzard~ pffffff

There’s a lot of wind that day, and I can see the scenic ‘hanafubuki’, as in flower-snow storm πŸ˜€ it’s like snowing of sakura’s petals XD I have the video but too lazy to upload now… maybe later in the future… but trust me, what you see in the photo can’t beat the real beauty when you see it yourself πŸ™‚ esp during full bloom (because those just bloomed / pass-the-full-bloom-peak sakura not as nice as the full bloom)

and yesss you have to experience this if you do sakura viewing~ it’s like you’re in such a unreal fantasy world (beats me, I only thought those scene in anime / game, hehe)

anyway, if I’m going to see sakura again in Japan, I will come here for sure πŸ™‚ with onigiri on hands, pfffff…


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