Japan Travel Destinations

Among all my travels until now, seems like my friends ask about Japan most often. I’d like to share the information, itinerary, tips, and exciting things I encounter when I travel there, but it’s quite difficult to start, because everywhere so special to me there~ hope these destinations that I cover can help you get the best moments in Japan too 🙂

Please be patience though, I will update them one by one, so you can click on the list for the link to the blog page (not in sequence on how much I recommend them, so better check out which one fit your preference 😀 ) and check out the travel tips on the bottom~

Note that those places are the one I already visited only… So much more you can visit in those towns actually, but I just been to Japan for two times during autumn and spring three times on early autumn, spring, late autumn-early winter.

Special Winter Illumination : Japan Winter / Christmas Illumination

Another tips I can summarize for you (will be updated again) :

  1. Transportation (to use or not to use JR Pass)
  2. Sim card / pocket wifi
  3. Coin locker / luggage shipping service
  4. Snacks / foods for souvenirs (or yourself~)

If you want to request / ask the things I haven’t mentioned here, you can ask me too 🙂



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