Japan Winter / Christmas Illumination

Okay… It’s been so long since my last post O_O” sorry for being so busy ^^” actually whole year of 2017 I kept on traveling (for work… and some for holiday) that I really felt like hoping to stay in Singapore longer (I might spending more time overseas than in Singapore this year).

It’s been a year (argggh) since my last trip to Japan for hunting the winter illumination. So here’s the list for your reference πŸ˜€ (hope next year I can add more from Hokkaido area *cross finger*)

note : this is from illumination 2016 so it might be changed on the following years, as some places kept changing the theme and design (esp. Kobe Luminarie)

  • Tokyo – Tokyo Dome


Just a short walking distance from the train station you can visit the illumination around Tokyo Dome. Usually the illumination started from early November to early February. No need to pay entry fee, and it’s consist of few different displays (they will have map banner around the entrance). And the good things is the lights up until 24:00




It’s look empty because I came a bit late at night (because delayed flight and I still haven’t find dinner yet that time, it’s around 9.30-10.00 PM when I took the pictures…). Actually there are few eating places still open but I end up just buying oden from 711 nearby before going back to hotel 😐

  • Tokyo – Shiodome


Personally my most favorite illumination…! Very popular with couples though, and I came there with my little brother… feels like… overwhelm with the urgency to get boyfriend asap lol~ XD anyway nothing wrong to visit with friends or family also.


They have light show (very beautiful song and light effect) every 10 or 15 minutes, duration of each show approx 5 minutes. So if you want to (queue to) take photo under that bell at the center, you can do in between the show schedule. During show, no one allowed to go into the center.

Check out the video~

I was running out of space of my camera’s memory card(s), running out of the camera’s battery also, and… my iphone battery also less than… 20% (not to mention during cold weather all electronic’s battery will running out faster).


You can find that locomotive just in front of Shimbashi station, which is one of the nearest train station to reach Caretta (Shiodome). Illumination from mid November until mid February, it’s light up until 11PM.

  • Tokyo – Midtown


Tokyo Midtown, nearest station is Roppongi. It also have light show (which total duration around 3-5 minutes) but no background song like Shiodome that I found it lack of charm (but still pretty though).


It’s starting from mid November until Christmas day. Light up until 11PM. You can see the video (which is taken with the last remaining battery of my phone) :Β Midtown Illumination

  • Tokyo – Shinjuku


Okay this one I didn’t purposely went there, it’s because my hotel is located in Shinjuku and I pass by this area on the way back to the hotel.


There are other colors but I choose like pinkish illumination XD (although pink is not my most favorite color, it’s looks pretty like cherry blossom tree). Anyway… I think Shibuya illumination looks better (I haven’t got chance to see yet).

  • Osaka

Actually I visit Osaka only to pass by before heading to Kobe. And the famous Osaka Renaissance not starting yet (duh). Sorry no picture but Osaka Renaissance should be your destination when you’re in Osaka mid December until Christmas day.

Another illumination that I happen to see during my visit:


Christmas tree from Grand Front Osaka, which will be changed every year O_O” so you might see different thing on your visit the following year.


Also German Christmas Market around Umeda Sky Building. It’s usually held mid November until Christmas day.

  • Kobe – Kobe Luminarie

One of best and also my favorite, Kobe Luminarie~ You can walk to the entrance from Sannomiya station (just follow the crowd of people, lol). Illumination held from 1st or 2nd Friday of December until the next 9-10 days (yes, it’s so short period of time! I purposely make my flight timing to visit this event)


The grand entrance really stunning~ they block the road so cars cannot go thru and it’s for pedestrian to walk in until the park (the main illumination tapestry; see next photos)


Actually the road quite long, but because you will feel exited, it’s not that tiring (and you can’t walk too fast, because so many people around — you can’t see it from my photo, hahaha).


In the center, a small stage where you can see… hmm… I forgot what’s there but people flock in around that small chapel-stage.


Now you have idea how many people around… XD but it’s still fine for me, since the weather cold so it’s not that suffocating.


At the end, there is light show (with song) near the fountain. I enjoy the festivity as there are many food (and merchandise) stalls, selling Kobe’s local food and some western foods also.

  • Nagoya – Nabana no Sato

Not really in Nagoya, but easiest route is taking bus from Nagoya to Nabana no Sato at Nagashima Resort. Just find Meitetsu bus center (just next to Nagoya station) and buy round trip ticket to Nabana no Sato, that’s the easiest and less hassle way to reach Nabana no Sato. Bus depart every 15-20 minutes and journey take 35 minutes. This is the only illumination where you need to pay admission fee (2300 yen, but it include 1000 yen voucher you can use to purchase food and drinks inside). The illumination is from October to early May.16177837_10154340768954001_6156235060396081991_o

From entrance you can see some illumination all over the trees but not so big scale.


That river-LED was animated and looks stunning also (although in the picture above looks like not moving at all, ugh).

Main attraction is the tunnel of lights below XD



Well I usually hide my face but anyway, taking picture here need patience, lol~ I really almost make my little bro upset because I kept complaining this is not the picture that I want it to be XD girls problem, hahaha…


In the end I just take picture without any main model, as always… but hey, this place really pretty~ Another main attraction is this millions LED animation, which have different theme every year. It’s really huge, I took this picture from quite far away~


So that’s it~ my personal opinion the best illumination goes to Nabana no Sato (worth to pay the bus, entrance ticket, and traveling time). Second best is Kobe Luminarie, but the easiest to access and my favorite is Shiodome πŸ™‚ –> esp. if you come with your partner (not so important but it’s really giving strange pressure when you come alone lol). My tips is to prepare extra battery as the winter will always make your camera/phone battery drop faster 😦

Hope you can visit those places too~ and I will update it once I visit the other winter illumination next year XD



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