Karimun Jawa – Indonesia (Part 2)

Rise and shine~ Our 3rd day here in Karimun Jawa and the weather very nice and super bright~ another special thing is, it was Indonesia’s independence day that day 😀 Merdeka~

sunrise at Menjangan Kecil Island

We also check out from Menjangan Kecil Resort and we will stay at Wisma Apung for that day, which is nearer to the main Karimun Jawa Island because we have to catch the ferry tomorrow morning.

So what is this place that make me super excited that day is : Gosong Island (aka ‘burnt island – well it’s because that ‘island’ only appear during low tide and nothing there only the white sands, no shades at all, so you will get burn 😀 well actually just a sun burn… and we already got sun burn from previous day hahaha)


The thing is… we come a bit earlier, so that part of white sands not completely dry yet (we waited but we didn’t wait there for too long because… we’re going to other island again to have our lunch). But I don’t care 😀 I’m happy to see the super clear blue water ❤


Yeah.. so if you see a whiter part above (not where I’m pointing to… I don’t remember what I did back then), that’s where it should be the white sands during low tide. While waiting the water to go lower, we just JUMP to the water and swim for a while (nothing there… it’s shallow water, got some fishes but they keep running away).

Anyway… the water here super clear… and here I tot, why don’t anyone remember to bring the inflatable unicorn (or white swan, or flamingo, anything… just bring it here sob).


Actually there’s island with trees there, and bunch of seagull (…see the small dots at the beach; I zoom to maximum lol)
taking pictures while there is no other boats blocking the views
Anyway only this kind of fish around
and this…


take picture on the boat also nice~

We decide to walk to the island although it’s not appear yet… because we want to quickly move on to the next island after this.

Took some pictures on the white sands that still drowned… not bad :p just bad to my skin, I got no hat and didn’t put on sunglasses when walking to that super exposed area (ugh)



So we head back to the boat, and go to next island : Gleyang Island (NOT GEYLANG…! Please, me and my friends who know about Geylang like… feels odd the name of the island is similar to Geylang; no durian and “women” there pfffff- and honestly it’s easier to say Geylang than Gleyang :v )

Gleyang Island… that surrounded by rocks and coral… the boatmen really know the entrance to reach the island O_O”
aaaa another clear water beach~
reach~ taken from the boat ^^”

As usual, we waiting for the lunch to be ready… and relax… take pictures… because that’s the only thing you can do (no one bother to sun bathing… we all got tanned alr)



couple and siblings… pfff

After the lunch, we’re heading to another snorkeling site (trust me, i get lost of direction in the sea, but somehow I know we’re been going to many different places for snorkeling – and diving)

one more snorkeling session



Our tour guide really put effort to take picture for us ^^” while I prefer taking pic of non human-object :v

That’s all for that day, and we’re heading to Wisma Apung – translated as : Floating House… which actually literally a wooden house… over the sea :v …. errrr stop your imagination here, not Maldives or those super lux house over the sea okay… just imagine… something not luxury at all…

yes it’s like this… in the middle of the sea (not really, still quite near to Karimun Jawa Island…)

So the bathroom (and toilet)… is super… hmmm… how to say… very simple and it goes directly to the sea :v oops, did I say too much? hahaha… XD


There is something bothering me though… I saw there is a small enclosed area where there are 3-4 black tip sharks and one other shark (sorry I’m really not diver nor those expert in marine life), plus puffer fish I guess, being captive there (they called it sanctuary whatsoever but I think it’s more to commercial purpose, who knows they never released or even died there…). Compare to the friendly black tip shark at Raja Ampat (based on what my friend’s story) the shark there roam freely on the beach… Here in the Wisma Apung area, nope… the place for me quite narrow and pathetic… so I’m not gonna encourage this as part of the ‘attraction’ of Karimun Jawa.

…back to what we did that day, after take shower and get dinner there, we take boat to Karimun Jawa Island, to see the ‘Alun-alun’, kind of center of the town to shop a bit (nothing much to buy other than Karimun Jawa tshirt… or some other tidbits)

want some… exotic fish?
they have the grill just beside it
not sure if it’s happening like this everyday, because we’re there during the national holiday

I tried something new for me : grilled coconut XD

the coconut water became warm, and you should order the one with honey, taste better~

and that’s it… we go back after to the Wisma Apung and go sleep because next morning have to go catch the ferry back to Jepara. We got that big but slow ferry… I can only say, please avoid taking those if you can… got people smoking in the area where you NOT ALLOWED to smoke, and the wave so bad that a lot of people got seasick (I fall asleep as usual, because of the medicine… really glad I bring Antimo on this trip… that’s works like sleeping pill actually -____-“)

Things to take note if you planning to Karimun Jawa :

  1. This is not well developed area, don’t expect anything luxury like Bali. Even the electricity still limited, only from 6PM to 6AM the next day you can get electricity.
  2. The only provider that have good signal is Telkomsel. My friend use XL can still got signal but sometimes no signal at all.
  3. Island hopping usually include the snorkeling tools, but really… bring your own if you have them…
  4. As always, bring mosquito repellent, sun block, aloe vera gel, sunglasses, and hat… the sun light can be super hot ugh.
  5. No need much budget to travel here, but don’t be so stingy also. Please get a tour guide who will settle your accommodation and transportation. I’m so glad the tour guide is so patient and have good connection with the people in Karimun Jawa. He also provide photo services LOL~ not using DSLR but at least he can take underwater photos for you 🙂 If you need tour guide, I can give you the contact to him. No, I’m not paid to do this, I just think he’s really a good tour guide 🙂 He also open trip to Komodo Island, Derawan, and even local city tour at Bandung, hehe…
  6. If you need special food (vegan / non seafood / any other things you can’t eat), that’s where you actually need a tour guide to arrange things for you.
  7. Here one that very important to remember also : If the weather turn out to be very bad, stormy and high waves, no you CAN NOT cross from Jepara to Karimun Jawa and visa versa. The ferry will not operate during that bad weather, so what could be the worst? You won’t be able to go Karimun Jawa until the weather get better, or you stuck in Karimun Jawa… which could last up to 3-4 days… I’m serious about this ^^” so thanks God the weather when we went there was super nice~ and we visit from Monday to Thursday to avoid the crowds, so you see my picture less photobomb also, LOL

And… please don’t disturb the dogs at Menjangan Kecil Island if you happen to stay there / visit there ^^” I like dogs but I also know they’re not friendly to strangers at all, and during our stay, there is a kid got bitten. So please just don’t disturb them~ and I hope some people can bring more advise to the tourism there… I really wish my county all the best to maintain the nature while enjoying them 🙂

thanks for reading & hope you can visit also~ (this photo taken on Gosong Island)

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