Karimun Jawa – Indonesia (Part 1)

Been so busy with works (duh, there is no such leisure time if you work in SG I guess), so this is quite late post, but recently I went back to Indonesia to visit my dentist (yes you read that right… to put it short, I need to visit my fav dentist in Bandung bcos he’s very professional and the cost is like 1/4 or 1/5 compare to SG with the same quality)

So I got 1 week holiday and decide to do the surgery before I go back SG, and to enjoy it to the max : me & my friends went to Karimun Jawa, it’s northern side of Java Island. From Singapore you can take direct flight to Semarang, then continue take travel car to Jepara, around 2.5 to 3 hours journey. Then from Jepara you take ferry (big one is slow, take 5 hours journey; or take “Express Bahari” ferry is faster , take 3 hours journey – not available every day tot).

there… you see the dot? LOL

Sounds like tiring journey, yeap… especially because I didn’t take flight to Semarang, but take night bus from Bandung to Jepara which took 10 hours bus journey… I advise you, just find flight to Semarang, don’t bother to take bus from Bandung / Jakarta / Denpasar, just fly… so when you reach Jepara, you can stay there 1 night to catch the ferry in the next morning, because I think mostly the ferry schedule from Jepara only in the morning and another one in the afternoon (which means u reach Karimun Jawa quite late already).

Good morning from Kartini Beach

My group from Bandung reach Jepara at… 4.30 AM and we just wait in the hotel’s lobby (I’m playing Pokemon Go so I go around, hahaha). While my friends who come from Singapore & Bali – come to Semarang and reach Jepara the night before around 7PM so they stay in the hotel and meet up with us in the morning before we go to the harbor.

Off we go to the boat (at the end one, not that super small boat O_O”)

I know I will get sea sick easily, so I take medicine before depart, and it really save my life LOL…! I advise you guys take medicine to prevent sea sick also…

After 3 hours super wavy and shaky journey (I survive~ after go into the ferry, straight away fall asleep bcos of the medicine), we reach the main island Karimun Jawa. No picture, but we just take lunch there and go to our ‘resort’ (please, nothing luxury here so don’t compare to Bali’s resorts) at Menjangan Kecil Island.

Menjangan Kecil Island~ we stay here for 2 nights
we’re using that small boat to reach this island… at first I’m a bit scared but later get used to it, LOL
welcome to the paradise~

This island have several lodges and another small house further in the island, that looks more pathetic… actually we suppose to sleep at the lodge that facing the sea view, but bcos one and another issue, the first night there we have to stay at the pathetic house (that has big lizards and mosquito… BTW YOU HAVEΒ  TO BRING MOSQUITO REPELLENT HERE – actually in Indonesia you will always need it all the time – I almost never got mosquito bite in Singapore, despite there is Zika now in SG, ouch….)

little kid playing around with the… ropes

Our first day here we just go around the island, because it’s already late afternoon when we reach here. And I really need rest after the crazy night journey in Initial D bus (you will know what I mean if you ever take night bus in Indonesia).

clear sky, clear water, and there unknown kid photobomb my picture
actually it’s very hot that time… le me avoiding sun light >___<“


we found like 3 swing here on the beach, and this one is the best location for the sunset

So here we waiting for the sunset around 6PM something, and actually because today the sky so clear and the sun is blazing hot, the sunset turn out to be very orange ^^v.

just a bit more till sunset – actually some ppl flocking around this spot already; include us :p
so this is where ppl usually take the swing with sunset background πŸ™‚

we did some silly but fun silhouette photo shoot here, but I don’t feel like want to upload here, hahaha… hint : imagine spirit ball from Dragon Ball, or Naruto’s fusen rasengan :p if your camera can do that, it’s great enough.


That’s for our first day here. We have dinner served by the resort (hint : fish), and enjoy the sea breeze while do the star moon gazing… because our bad timing, it was full moon that time, we should select another day with no moon because our tour guide said sometimes you can see the luminous plankton hereeeee (I was like : my goodness why we came on full moon days) and my other friend who went here before also said that time no moon at all can see superrrr nice stars at the sky *bite my shirt*

Second day~ we have breakfast then go to the snorkeling site (you can ask to dive also, but in our group only 1 person who can dive). But that time the current quite strong and super windy, our first dip not really good, fish also hiding, if you see my video in instagram you will know.

A video posted by Deby Kurniawan (@kirika88) on Sep 22, 2016 at 12:41am PDT


Here’s some picture can be saved from the first snorkeling site…


oho there are clown fish~


…actually I can’t reach deep down there so the guide taking this pic ^^”


Because the current still strong… we wrap up not so long after that, and having lunch in the next island… If I don’t remember wrongly, the name is Cemara Kecil Island :p

Welcome to Cemara Kecil Island~

We have to walk to the island, the water not so deep from the boat “parking” place, but anyway you will get wet, so even if you not planning to dive / snorkeling, just make sure you know that you will get wet eventually.

see the boats there? Yea you have to walk from there to here


We’re waiting for the lunch to be ready and get some fresh young coconut while waiting. Not sure is it only me, but the coconut there very good~ just that you better share 1 coconut for 2 persons unless you can finish 1 alone… for me it’s too much x_x

if you wondering how in the island with nothing on it we can get lunch : this is it

There are other boats coming to this island to have lunch also, but so far not that crowded because I only saw 7 boats. And I think the boatmen (how you call them?) know each other and cook together (so those people in the photo above, only 1 of them actually coming from our boat ^^”

this is our humble lunch (I hope the mask didn’t creep you out… I just don’t really want to reveal everyone’s face ^^” just look at the grilled fish, cooked vegetables, rice, and heavenly goodness sweet and spicy soy sauce (our favorite…!)
I found this place so peaceful after the lunch, bcos we’re the last to leave the island ^^”
oho, see what I found~ it’s… kind of starfish? ^^”

and after taking many silly pictures (again, I won’t publish trivial photos here, hahaha… actually the view is very nice in this island πŸ™‚ please add this island into your itinerary too~)

Off we go to do another snorkeling after that. This time not much current and more fish around… errr… actually, this certain fish really daring to come to approach us… for food :v

Okay we’re not group of divers and I just know that giving bread to fish actually not a good thing to do 😦 well duh, maybe that’s one of the homework to educate to the people there also (boatmen or tour guides) – at least the guide warn us not to touch the coral & not to litter anywhere: land or sea)


So when we take out the bread…


They all coming to us…! O_O”

photobomb level : school of fish πŸ˜€
so if no food offered, they will just swim around the coral, ignoring you after examined that you didn’t hold anything like food, LOL

We go back to Menjangan Kecil Island before sunset, and catch another good view. I only bring my iphone 6 to take the picture… but seems like no need great camera to show how great is the view πŸ™‚0akarjaw31.jpg

So that’s it for the 2nd day here in Karimun Jawa. Part 2 will be in the next post~ please read part 2, because for me the best part is on the next 2 islands we’re visiting on our 3rd day πŸ˜€


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