Salted Egg craze in Singapore

So… we’re back to Singapore again. I’ve been finding recently there is this craze about salted egg dishes. ^^” When I came to SG, the common salted egg food are Salted Egg Crab (Trust me this is very good! I prefer salted egg crab than chili crab, except the chili crab in Somboon Seafood – this is exceptional, lol) and Salted Egg Custard Pao (Liu Sha Bao).

But then… everything became salted-egg flavor, eg. :
Salted Egg Fish & Chips (from Manhattan Fish Market)
Salted Egg croissant (Antoinette Patisserie, Asanoya Boulangerie, Bread Talk, etc)
Salted Egg burger (McDonalds)
Salted Egg chicken / pork / squid (this one almost in all Chinese food restaurants)
Salted Egg cake (lava cake, molten cake, etc)

I wondering if there will be salted egg ice cream, salted egg latte, salted egg ramen, salted egg sushi?? :’D just kidding, but it’s not impossible at all…

I like all those salted egg dishes thought, and here is the favorite snacks that really addictive :

Salted Egg Fish Skin (and chips) šŸ™‚

I found there is 1 popular brand (maybe from Airfrov?) : Irvin’s Salted Egg, and another 1 I knew from my friend’s recommendation : J’A Flavour. And I tried one random pick from one of the stall in Takashimaya during Food Fest, Rasa Sayang. So here’s my review šŸ™‚

Irvin’s Salted Egg

Salted egg potato chips & salted egg fish skins

They have 3 products so far, Salted egg fish skin, potato chips, and salted egg sauce (I didn’t take the photo, it’s in my fridge, lol). The salted egg chips & fish skin price is S$16, and the salted egg sauce is $8. Their chip & fish skin last for 1 month, while the salted egg sauce can last 1 month if you put them in the freezer.

I like their salted egg fish skin šŸ™‚ while the potato chips seems like normal potato chips :v can’t taste much the salted egg.

You can order via FB message, or contact their phone number, also available in some pop up stores. Here is their website :

I found it’s not really convenient when you need to buy a lot at one time, they didn’t have the stock, so last time I was told to wait 3-4 weeks šŸ˜¦ awww… talking about craving for snacks, who will wait for weeks? LOL~ So in the end I just buy each product from the pop up store @ Takashimaya.

J’A Flavour

Spicy cassava chips & fish skin

They have 2 products : spicy cassava chips (not spicy actually), and fish skin. The salted egg fish skin is S$15 and the cassava chips is $18. I found it odd, because I though cassava should be cheaper šŸ˜€ (maybe only happening in my country, hahahaa).

Although the name is spicy chips, actually they’re not spicy at all (for me :p ), so don’t worry if you can’t take spicy food, this one super mild šŸ˜€ I love the fish skin so much, it’s really addictive~ difficult to stop once you eat, LOL~

To order, you can contact them (see the number from the picture above) via whatsapp, or drop e-mail to them šŸ™‚ I think they haven’t got website yet, so you can see their FB page :

Rasa Sayang

fish skin

This one… actually they have many snacks product, so I try this one only (they did have the salted egg potato chips also, if I remember correctly). Price is S$15 for this salted egg fish skin. So basically average price for this kind of snacks in Singapore should be around $15.

So… who’s the best?

side by side comparison – not much different, and they’re having super similar packaging

Because the chips is incomparable (potato chips & cassava chips – I personally prefer cassava chips, but I prefer it’s without spicy or make it really super spicy, not in between), so I will only compare the salted egg fish skin…


The winner is… J’A Flavour šŸ˜€

Winning points : the fish skin chips really crunchy, and you can taste the salted egg, and they’re having thick pieces of fish skin, and easy to order šŸ™‚ well there are things to improve also, like how they should put the expire date to remind people (esp when we’re giving this snacks as gift to other people who not aware they need to finish it within one month). And I hope they can improve the branding image, as I can see from Irvin’s that how to attract people.

Actually it’s a tight winning between J’A Flavour and Irvin’s. They’re almost the same, and it really hard to decide but we (me & colleagues & house mates) prefer J’A Flavour after all šŸ™‚ anyway you can check which one convenient for you to get, as both taste good & addictive, hahaha

Too bad for Rasa Sayang, they taste good but they didn’t mix it well, some pieces have no taste at all, and some pieces got so thick salted egg crumb… and pls put the expire date also ^^”

Please try them when you’re in town, and they can be a good souvenirs also (my aunt likes them so much) šŸ˜€


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