South Korea

Bau House Cafe – Dog Cafe @ Seoul

I really like to visit animal-related tourist places :p this time I write about the dog cafe in Seoul~ honestly, this is so far the best dog cafe I ever visit (will update my declaration if I found better one, lol). Compare to True Love Siberian Husky cafe in Bangkok, I found this place more comfortable – indoor, got A/C or heater, don’t have to come at certain timing to play with the dogs (of course during their operating hours), don’t have to stick to 1 or 2 kinds of dog breeds (yay! it’s my first time touch the real borzoi, because, duh usually dog show’s dogs not mean to be touched until the show finish), and… because you’re allowed to feed them πŸ˜€

Okay, one thing about feeding the dogs, make sure you learn how to give the treats to the dogs there else you will make them having civil wars… and some of the dogs know tricks like sit (I believe in Korean it was ‘anja’), or shake hands (just give ur hand, they will offer their paws, lol… but I only remember the Alaskan Malamute who can do this trick). And make sure you not overfeeding the dogs that looks fat already (lol… just kidding) πŸ˜› I did aware some of the dogs need exercise if they eat too much.

So I visit this cafe on March 2016, nearest train station is Hapjeong, exit 3. From the exit 3 you just need to walk u-turn and see the banner from the small road going to the left (see the photo below)

Opening time :
Weekday : 1.30PM – 11 PMWeekend : 12.30PM – 11PM

Once you exit from the Hapjeong station, you can find this banner :


Then you go down the road, turn right and you will see the entrance door :



Another good thing is, the staffs can speak English πŸ˜€ (well at least the one I talked to can speak English). They will inform you the first area after you come in is for small breed dogs (I saw Welsh Corgi, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and… not sure what else… I’m interested with medium-large dogs lol)


I come just at the time they open πŸ˜› so it’s still empty and only saw 2 other couples in the cafe. I heard this place can became very crowded on weekends or later hours. And when I came the dogs still active and friendly (…again, I read some review during peak hours they can be looked exhausted with too many attention from people, not sure though because when I came they looks okay). And I read some people can bring their own dogs too (if their dogs are friendly ones), but I think I only saw someone bring the golden retriever and it cause a bit of uproar at first – the dogs so curious with the new dog)

So… entrance fee is free BUT you have to buy drinks (for you, not the dog), that cost around 6000-7000 won. Still okay for me, as long as can play with the dogs~ You can also buy the dog snacks there (price will be vary depend on which dog snacks you buy). I don’t think you can bring your own dog snack, so just buy from there.

my dog snacks finished already and now they targeting this guy, LOL
funny malamute, LOL… I think she quite gentle, the noisy one is samoyed ^^”
Yes, you will see the dogs on the tables and the chairs, so make sure you close your bags, else they will sniffing your things in your bag – DON’T FEED THEM HUMAN FOOD 😦
My favorite breed (samoyed)~ remind me to Rikku at home, sob… but this guy really noisy, hahaa…



I think some of the guess are frequent guess, they knew some dog’s names already πŸ™‚ overall, I’d like to visit this cafe again if I visit Seoul πŸ˜€ and please give more affection to the dogs that can’t ‘compete’ when you want to give them snacks πŸ™‚ *because to be honest I gave too much attention to the samoyed – I miss my dogs too much!*




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