Okunoshima Island – Rabbit Island

Whole island full with rabbit? Yeap you didn’t read wrongly 😀 it’s exist in Japan, located in Hiroshima prefecture. Going here not that hard, and I did visit them on the way to Miyajima (Itsukushima Island).

So where exactly this island? If you’re visiting Tokyo or Osaka area, it’s quite far away. I think only if your visit cover Hiroshima or Okayama area then it’s worth to visit.

I visit this island ‘on the way’ because we’re using JR Pass and we were heading to Hiroshima from Kobe. So we take the super early shinkansen from Shin-Kobe station to Mihara station (76 minutes), then transfer from Mihara station to Tadanoumi station for another 20 minutes.

early morning at Shin Kobe, not so crowded yet we’re so sleepy

So you can come from anywhere (Hiroshima / other big cities), just make sure you alight at Mihara station and continue using JR Kure Line to Tadanoumi station. From Tadanoumi station to the Tadanoumi port is walking distance, maybe just walk like 5 minutes or less, then you can purchase the ferry ticket there.

Here’s the view from near the port… so cloudy, it was 9 AM

Our ferry will come at 9.30 so we wait there (luckily there’s a small area to sit inside the room behind the ticket counter, we were freezing~~). The ferry schedule you can check from this website. Basically almost every hour from around 7.30 AM-6PM departs from Tadanoumi, and almost every hour from 8.00 AM-4.30PM from Okunoshima. But please note that the schedule change quite often and depend on which month you visit, it might have more ferry scheduled. Please check the website before you planning to visit 🙂

We also bought the rabbit food there (you can bring your own, I saw some Japanese ladies bring one big plastic bag full of fresh vegetables). I don’t think you can get the rabbit food when you’re in the island already (there is a hotel in the island but we didn’t ask if they sell rabbit food there).

there’s a small dog in front of the ticket counter. seems like he feeling so cold 😦
here comes the ferry~
I think we’re just too excited, get out from the room (it was very cold outside) just before the ferry reaching the island

So the journey from Tadanoumi port to Okunoshima island very short, only around 12-15 minutes 🙂 no sea sick~ (I’m having bad sea sick easily, but this one nothing seems to bother me).


As soon as you reach the island, the rabbits is everywhere…! they’re not afraid to human at all, and they will come if you make noise like shaking the rabbit foods from the plastic bag. XD so cute~~~

Okay, my bad news is… I wore damn white trousers (aaaaaa super stupid fashion disaster – actually our whole journey is fashion disaster because somehow the weather on April 2015 is colder than the weather forecast; it’s even snowing the next day on 8 April… and yet I told my friends not to bring many jackets before we going to Japan)

So… I can’t lie down on the ground like how people do in Youtube video 😦 😦 😦 nope, I can’t even squat because I will get rabbit foot prints (actually got 1 already that’s when I realize my mistake) from the rabbits who will climbs on your knee to get the food.

my friend giving the foods… I think these rabbits so hungry in the morning
They stand on their rear feet~ so cute (ok sorry I can’t squat down guys)! and there’s one bunny step on my shoes… I can’t walk O_O”

But anyway it’s not like whole island full with rabbits that you can’t walk, actually the island quite big also (errr… you can go around within 2-3 hours but we’re having tight schedule so not really keen exploring whole part of the island, and the temperature too cold… again, fashion disaster…)

group of Singaporean, that we guess from their English accents, lol


It’s sakura season that time 🙂

we walk towards the hotel (turn left after reach the island)
we encounter the rabbits everywhere~ and the good things they wont run away from you even if you’re obviously didn’t bring food (well they did walk away after some time)
aww… sakura flowers falling already, it’s passed the full blossom time (mostly because the weather also, but lucky we saw the full blossom sakura in Kyoto & Nagoya alr 🙂 nothing to complain~)

So finally we reach the hotel area, but we also visit the Okunoshima Poison Gas Museum. For those who didn’t know, this island was actually the place where Japan developing the poison gas used for WW2 😦 I went inside the museum (no photography allowed, you need to pay 100 yen for entrance ticket), and read the story that really tragic actually… and the rabbits here actually for testing if the poison gas has gone 😦 😦


That’s why if you explore the island you can find the scary building of the remaining facility O_O” I prefer not to go there, not looking for any trouble… :p (okay, I was partly scared too, thanks to those scary murder cases in Kindaichi manga -__-“)

But well, I think you can visit the museum if you’re interested in history (or curious with what actually happened in the island)… so let’s get back to the rabbit~

why you not facing this way…


Like I said, there’s more to see in this island 🙂 (esp on sakura season, lol)
thousand paper crane.. saw a lot in Hiroshima also
beautiful path~ that building behind is… not sure what are they actually but we saw something like mini museum about what are the animals live in this island, the fishes, etc… maybe similar to information office ^^”
warming up for a while inside the building… the weather actually quite windy outside
‘Draw me like one of your french girls’~ pffffff… this rabbit’s pose so funny! It didn’t move at all, totally ignoring us while we laughing and take photos (it did kicking out some dirt tot)
In front of the hotel

We have lunch in the small canteen (not sure if it was canteen or super small cafe) and look around the souvenirs (super cuteeee souvenirs, but we’re heading to many places after that day so we refrain ourselves from buying things 😦 except my Starbucks tumblers of cos, lol)



super cute…!!! I think Japanese people have a very good sense of art, going everywhere in Japan made me want to spend all my yen… over those super cute things that actually I won’t use when I go back home 😦 I’m serious, never did I feel like that when I visit other countries

We heading back to the port to catch the ferry again~ and giving some last rabbit food that we keep, so we can still feed them on the way back :p

cute baby rabbit~ and their poo, pfffff
they must be very hungry O_O”

Oh, actually there are rules about the rabbit from the poster inside the ferry (we only read those on the way back to Tadanoumi, LOL)

  • Do not chase or carry rabbits
  • Do not touch rabbits on the road, roadside, or in front of the entrance
  • Do not put your fingers nearby rabbit’s mouth
  • Do not feed human food
  • Do not litter
  • Do not leave you pet rabbit in island

OK then, please follow the rules (we did get ‘scolded’ when we giving food in the middle of the road, awww… so sorry, we didn’t realize there will be frequent cars passing by, really…T___T)

Btw, if you’re heading back to Mihara station, please ask the local people where to take the train. We almost take the wrong platform because our logic is, take the opposite platform. Thanks to the Japanese uncle inform us just before we take the wrong train! Hope you can visit the bunnies too~

bye bye~

7 thoughts on “Okunoshima Island – Rabbit Island

    1. Hi, super early shinkansen to Mihara station no need to reserve seats 🙂 but take note on the JR Kure Line time table between Mihara station and Tadanoumi station, they only available like every one hour or so 😦 make sure not miss out the train (you can check the time table from http://www.hyperdia.com )


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