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Thai Trip – Two Spoons Tale Cafe

This is a cafe that I found their 3D latte art very cute~ I was on my biz trip last February, and have to stay around Chaengwattana (just outside Bangkok city, on the north west) because my client’s office is there.

I’ve been wanting to visit this cafe since I found their instagram : @2spoonstale , but last time my colleague from Bangkok said it’s quite far (need to drive / take taxi) so I didn’t visit them on my previous trip to Bangkok 😦

Well actually, if you plan to go to Chatuchak market on weekend, you can come to this cafe by taking taxi 🙂 I think it can fit your itinerary, lol.

Their opening time based on their FB page:

Wed-Fri : 12pm – 8 pm
Sat-Sun : 11am – 8pm
Mon & Tue closed.

Address : 55/626 Sukhothai Ave 99, Soi Chaengwattna-Pakkred 33, Bangpood, Pak Kret.

I forgot to take pic of the cafe’s front door, but it’s not difficult to find them 🙂


FYI, they only serve drinks and dessert, so don’t expect to get lunch / dinner there… I’ve come to find brunch at first but realize they don’t have food other than dessert, so me and my colleagues go out to find lunch around there and go back again for the coffee fix 😀

We order 3 different drinks (because each of us want to have our own latte art, lol) and dessert. The waitress said it takes like 10-15 minutes so I go around the shop and look around (which I found so many interesting item on sale there) – and I think it’s really good idea to keep the customer busy while waiting for your food / drinks.



They have cactus for sale (which I won’t buy because Singapore won’t allow to bring live plant lol), some decoration for the terrarium, pots, and super cute cutlery~ (okay, I’ll be honest about the cute wooden cutlery, I think… they actually bought them from Natural Kitchen in Shibuya, which I found that the one in Japan much cheaper (around 108 yen for most of the products there); but duh, if it means you have to go to Japan to buy, I think you can still buy from Thai if you’re there already)


And here comes our dessert 😀 Thai Tea Toast (with ice cream and whipped cream behind)


And all the cute 3D latte (taken from my IG bcos I forget to take pic using my pocket camera -___-)


The foam so intact that you can shake it and it will remain the same XD it’s really fun to see them wobbling lol


The 3 bears is my order~

We feel so bad to destroy the latte art, although we already take so many pictures and video (pffff)… and here to show how strong the foam:


I scooped the lil bear in the middle, hahahaa… and I PUT IT BACK~ like nothing happened (just slight bump on the side of the left bear).

After finishing our drinks we go around and buy some wooden bowl and plates, because some of them are on sale, so I just close one eye, reminding myself it’s still so long till my next trip to Japan…

bye bye cacti~ sorry I can’t adopt you…

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