Kiyomizudera Temple – Kyoto

I came here for 2 times already… first time was with the tour on October, the second time with my friends on early April (that’s why you will see sakura). I will mix the photos from that 2 times visit because on April it was rainy day and quite cloudy…

To reach the temple, after you alight from the bus (100 or 206), you still have walk (climb) the uphill for around 10 minutes… it’s really take a lot of effort on kimono (we were wearing kimono that day… if you interested, here is where we rent them : Yumeyataka ), or during summer (my aunt give up climbing because too hot).

So… after passing a lot of shops along the way (we plan to shop after visiting the temple, lol), you will see the entrance.

That’s the big entrance gate (which you not always pass thru under it) – April

Anyway because it’s spring you can see a lot of sakura trees around there.


…I visit on 2013 and 2015, so there’s construction on some parts of the temple (which still haven’t finish by the time I write this post), so maybe you will find the construction area is different in other parts compare to my photos ^^”

the hall in front of the main temple.. – Oct
you can try to lift that metal stick… super heavy I guess, because that man also cant do it πŸ˜€ – April
sakura~ raining also still looks good – April

Oh, before continue walking to the spot where people take picture of the main temple, you will see there’s stair going up.

stairs to go to Jishu Shrine – Oct

That is the stair to Jishu Shrine, a shrine dedicated to the deity of love and matchmaking. In front of the shrine are two stones, placed 18 meters apart. Successfully finding your way from one to the other with your eyes closed is said to bring luck in finding love. You can also have someone guide you from one stone to the other, but that is interpreted to mean that an intermediary will be needed in your love life as well.

One of the love stone – Oct
And the other one – April

You can see the real miko there~

Miko – Oct

Anyway they have a lot of small shrines which I guess depend on what you want to pray for, there are different shrine where you can pray… because I see different statue / writings beside them, pffff…

this one is Okage Myojin – April
here’s another one… – April
and as usual you will find ema here too – Oct
written there is : Please write down your troubles on this paper doll and put it into the water nearby. (1 Sheet 200 yen) when then paper dissolves in water, your troubles will be cleared up – April

But the one that really made me shock is this :

charm – April
charm – April

next we continue walking to the path where we should take picture of the main temple…

as you can see, there was construction… – Oct
the main temple, and the very clear blue sky~ Oct
and during spring… on rainy and cloudy day… – April

You can continue walk and follow the path to go down… and eventually you will find the Otowa waterfall.

Otowa waterfall – Oct

It is located at the base of Kiyomizudera’s main hall. Its waters are divided into three separate streams, and visitors use cups attached to long poles to drink from them. Each stream’s water is said to have a different benefit, namely to cause longevity, success at school and a fortunate love life. However, drinking from all three streams is considered greedy. Well, it’s not the place I want to spend time queuing…

climb up again – Oct

We realize that if you come in the afternoon (spring / sakura season), the crowd is crazy… not only foreign tourists but domestic tourists also… I think you better come early.. or visit at night when they have the lights on (I saw my friend visit the temple at night, quite good, but you can’t see anything else, pfff)

And actually there’s a lot of places you can take picture, other than the main temple.

somewhere around the temple… – Oct
the pagoda near the entrance – Oct
the gate~ Oct

Oh but let me tell you that my first visit on October, after we pass the Otowa waterfall, we climb up again (you see the photo above), and back to the Kiyomizudera’s main hall, and all the way back to the entrance.

But my second visit on April, because it’s raining and we are wearing kimono, we’re too lazy to climb that stairs and my friend said that we can exit from the other path (turn left, not climb up that stair). So what we found is another sakura trees and the pond πŸ˜€

sakura~ April




Any way you take, it will come back to the entrance πŸ™‚ then you can go all out for the shopping and snacking around πŸ˜€


If you’re visiting Kiyomizudera, there’s one snack that always be my favorite and I recommend you to buy! (as I had mentioned in my other post about snacks to buy from Japan) and you can get it here (the shop that just beside the bus parking area) : Kyoto matcha langue de chat

Kyoto Maccha langue de chat

So many things to look (and buy…), actually you should try the soft serve ice cream while you’re in Japan (they are everywhere).

matcha & vanila ice cream – Oct

I think I miss those ice cream now…! >_<

Oh, if you’re Studio Ghibli fans, don’t miss out the store (somewhere around this shopping street also, if I don’t remember wrongly, also near the bus parking area)

Studio Ghibli shop – Oct

There is one big Totoro plush inside, I forgot to take picture (or not allowed to take picture, I can’t remember).

See you again at my next post~


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