Arashiyama – Kyoto

Another favorite place in Kyoto, Arashiyama~ I will suggest you to come as early as you can to this place (bamboo groove, sagano scenic railway, Togetsukyo bridge, and Tenryuji temple)

From Kyoto Station, just take JR Sagano Line and alight at Saga-Arashiyama station, around 15 minutes only. Yes you can use JR Pass šŸ˜€

When you go out from the station, maybe you will be a bit confused with the direction. But you can ask people around where to go (my suggestion is to visit the Bamboo groove first before it get crowded).


We turn to the small road and passed this 19th Century Hall SL & Piano Museum (but we didn’t go there). During spring season, the sakura tree there so pretty šŸ™‚

So.. somehow we find the way to groove thru neighborhood area… which I can’t explain which way to go, but mostly after the photo above, just keep go ‘straight’ ^^” you will keep finding the small banner where to go to the bamboo groove.


…someone’s have such a beautiful garden at home… I’m so jealous šŸ˜€

And finally~ I reach here around 8 am, which actually if you reach even earlier should be not many people here… (maybe only those who doing pre-wedding photo shoot here, lol… we saw a lot…)


If you keep going forward, eventually you will see this pond.


And somewhere after this we found the Torokko Arashiyama station for taking the Sagano Scenic Railway (or Sagano Romantic Train, or Sagano Torokko). We didn’t take the ride because we still have to go again šŸ˜¦ for those who want to take this train, actually you can take it straight away after you alight from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station.. If you have spare time you can try them šŸ™‚ because one way takes around 25 minutes… here’s the information about the train : http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3965.html

After that we going back to the bamboo groove area, and find a garden that quite empty and peaceful šŸ˜€ but I guess we’re just attracted to the sakura blossom there, hehe…


By this time, flock of people start coming to the bamboo grooves already…


Actually there’s an entrance for Tenryuji Temple in the middle of the way from bamboo groove to the main road… so you can save time to from this side, and exit from the main entrance of Tenryuji Temple (but we didn’t visit also… I really want more relaxing itinerary next time)


That’s the main entrance of Tenryuji Temple. Along this main road, you can find a lot of shops and restaurants. Some of the shops that I found selling unique things are the yuba (roasted soy bean) flavor ice cream, the cocoon doll shop, and another one I don’t know the name but selling cute decoration made of fabric / cloth.

Yuba Soft Serve Ice Cream

Please note the price maybe slightly different now šŸ˜€ but they are nice and you can find them easily, just across the Tenryuji Temple main entrance.

The cocoon doll shop quite tricky to find, because it’s inside a small alley, but you can see this display near the front side of the alley šŸ™‚ this is all still on the side of the road across from Tenryuji Temple.ara7

I think the cocoon craft very delicate and good for souvenir. Although they’re quite fragile so ask for the box from the shop ^^”


Then you will find the next shop (should be very near for all these shops)

super cute decoration at the entrance

everything so cute inside XD temptation level 999, hahaha…


They’re quite expensive though, but I think it’s the normal price in Japan for those hand made souvenirs, and the finishing very smooth and delicate, not to mention the designs also very cute and you can still feel the Japan’s culture XD

Then we continue to walk to Togetsukyo Bridge


On the other side of the bridge is said to be cherry blossom viewing spot. Too bad we have to go by that time, so we didn’t see the other side of the river šŸ˜¦ Should have wake up super early, hahaha ^^”


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