Snacks / food you should buy from Japan

Japan has numerous snacks and foods that I believe some of them already imported by your country (eg. Kit Kat, Pocky, Jagabee, etc). But some are exclusively available only in Japan and in certain places only (Hokkaido / Tokyo / airport only).

So here’s the list that I will always buy every time I visit Japan 🙂

  • Kyoto maccha langue de chat
Kyoto Maccha langue de chat

I like this so much! It’s a biscuit with green tea chocolate in the middle (so basically this is green tea version of Shiroi Koibito). I found this in one of the shop in front of Kiyomizu dera temple in Kyoto. So far only 1 shop that just beside the buses parking area that sell this. Me & my friends always buy from there, because although we saw similar product, this one taste the best~ Very recommended~

each biscuit wrapped separately, so you can enjoy eating it anytime as much as you want to eat them~ no rush to finish the whole box once you open them 😀 and great for sharing!
  • Jaga Pokkuru from Potato Farm
Kyoto Maccha langue de chat

Okay, this one usually can be bought in Hokkaido, but those who only visit Tokyo / Nagoya (sorry I don’t remember with other airport) can buy from Narita airport & Chubu airport too~ but it’s limited amount for each person (I forgot is it one or two boxes per person).


This is not normal french fries / potato chips, lol~ although I found Calbee’s Jagabee and many other brands create the similar product, this Jaga Pokkuru still the best 😀

They have the other variant, called Jaga Pirika:

Jaga Pirika

I see from their website this one for limited time only, but not sure until when. As for the taste, I still prefer Jaga Pokkuru 😀

  • Imo & Mame from Potato Farm
Imo & Mame

Stands for ‘Jagaimo and Edamame’, this snack is consist of potato chips (which is very tasty..!) and edamame~ too bad only 6 packages in one box 😦 why so little, sob…

  • Jaga desu yo!
Jaga desuyo from Takayama

I found it when I go around Shirakawa-go and it’s catch my attention, lol! If I’m not wrong its flavour is grilled Takayama beef~ taste good but too bad I can’t find it anywhere else 😦 don’t tell me it’s only available in Gokayama & Takayama area…

  • Shiroi Koibito
Shiroi Koibito

They are available in Hokkaido and most of all airports in Japan. Come with 2 variants, I prefer the dark blue packaging, taste better~


But if you curious you can try buy the assorted package. See the photo above 🙂


The dark blue packaging is the Langue de chat biscuit the white chocolate 🙂 which I think taste better than the normal chocolate. Yeap, they come in individual plastic bag so it’s easy to eat anytime and easy to share to ur friends 😀

  • KitKat

Okay, this Kit Kat have a lot of choice you can try, but so far I like the Tokyo Rum Raisin and Yokohama Cheese cake flavour~ you can bought them from the airport if you not visiting those places 😀


Oh, they have seasonal Kit Kat also :

Kit Kat Sakura and Uji Matcha
that Chili flavour and wasabi flavour I heven’t try…
  • Pablo cheesecake

This one… I suggest you enjoy the cake on the shop straight away (you might have to queue… especially on weekend). Yes you can take away the cake but it taste better if you eat there~ I went to their cafe in Dotonbori, Osaka.


not sure if the promotion still there :p
when they finally serve my cheese cake ❤

Actually along Dotonbori street, you should try their famous gyoza too~ its cheap and very nice!! Find the shop with giant gyoza statue in front of the shop, quite easy to find 😀


Best gyoza ever…! :p

  • Other snacks you might want to try

I didn’t found it so special (honestly, nothing special), but you can try Tokyo Banana, Strawberry Ginza cake, Calbee’s Jaga Riko and Hiyoko cookies. Available in many places in Tokyo, especially in Tokyo Station, Tokyo Tower, Harajuku (Calbee+ shop in Takeshita Street) and Narita airport.

Tokyo Banana… they have a lot of variants
assorted Jaga Riko

Hope you can try them all~ esp the Kyoto maccha langue de chat, hehe… \^^/


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