Studio Ghibli Museum

All Ghibli fans will be very excited to come to this museum~ Located in Mitaka, Tokyo; not so far away from the city. Entrance ticket cost only 1,000 yen for adults. They have unique building and big Totoro plush in front 😀 Important note before you plan to come to this place is :

You can’t buy the ticket on the spot…! 😦

So before you plan to go there, make sure :

  1. The museum is open on the day you want to go there.
    They close on every Tuesday, except some days, which you have to check from their calendar in their website : http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/
    Other than Tuesday, they also close on maintenance day, year-end, and new year.
  2. You obtain the ticket before you going there
    – Buy ticket from inside Japan:
    You can buy the ticket from Lawson stores (it’s like 711 that open 24 hours, they’re everywhere~) which cost 1,000 yen for adult. Yup you can still buy the ticket when you already in Japan, BUT it might already sold out on the day you want to visit. Because if you buy from Lawson, they only open the sales for 1 month in advance. Eg. you want to visit on 15 March, means they only start selling the ticket on 10 Feb (sales from 10th day of each day at 10:00 Japan time), and you have to choose the time you want to go there (choose from 10 AM, 12PM, 2PM, or 4PM). Last time I check 1 week before it’s already sold out on the day I want to visit 😦 I found that there is website who can help you buy from Lawson and send the ticket to your hotel in Japan : https://www.govoyagin.com/activities/japan-tokyo-get-tickets-to-ghibli-museum-in-tokyo/186
    I try not to take that option because it’s very expensive and only for those last minute option.- Buy ticket from outside Japan :
    Last time I bought from JTB Australia with help from my friend in Melbourne, because JTB Singapore only have it included with hotel and land tour, so it’s end up became 6,500 yen 😦 anyway, I bought from Australia cost me AU$20 for each ticket (UPDATE : It’s AU$30 when I check again on Sept 2016 – maybe bcos JPY rate is raking up since early 2016). I found it’s cheaper than buy from Voyagin (the website I mentioned above) even after I add the Fedex cost to ship to Singapore (I bought 4 tickets and combine the shipping cost).I prefer to get it from JTB because you got the one day pass, instead of the timed-ticket from Japan, and you can book 3 months in advance..! (talking about being so ‘kiasu’, ehm…) And it’s from 1st day of the month! So compare with buying from Lawson when you want to visit on 15Mar means earliest to buy is 10 Feb,but if you book from JTB you can book earliest on 1st Dec~ 😀 here’s the list of the official travel agent outside Japan to buy the ticket : http://www.jtbgmt.com/eng/ghibli/TicketSystem.html

    Note : Buying tickets from outside Japan total only 200 tickets per admission day available (for all overseas sales including the three Asian regions). That’s why usually the ticket from JTB also sold out very fast.

So I went to the museum for the first time (after my first attempt failed) on 12 April 2015, which I book the ticket since Jan 2015 😀 and I feel sooooo happy because what you can see inside the museum is what all Ghibli fans would love to see~ We’re not allowed to take picture inside the museum though. You can take picture outside the building and the garden on the rooftop (BUT I WANT TO TAKE PICTURE WITH THE CAT BUS… 😦 sob~~~)

How to go there btw? You just need to go to Mitaka Station (please find the route to Mitaka Station from Hyperdia website), then you can choose to walk (around 10-15 minutes), or take the bus for round trip around 320 yen (or 210 yen for one way). You can ask people around where is the bus stop number 9 🙂 everyone there familiar with ‘Ghibli’ word, surprisingly 😀

credit picture from ghibli museum website

Here’s the bus timetable from Mitaka Station:


Bus stop in front of Mitaka station, see that Totoro? 😀

Sometimes, you can get on the yellow-Ghibli-bus 🙂 if you take bus, at least one trip (go there / coming back to Mitaka stn) of it should be the Ghibli bus though.

Mitaka city bus – Ghibli Museum 😀

Once you depart from the bus (which is when almost everyone will alight too, in front of Ghibli Museum), you just need to walk to the gate and show your ticket receipt. Remember this, once you’re inside the museum, no photography allowed… I did take out my camera for a second and the receptionist lady come and said ‘no photography inside please!’. Well, actually I just want to take picture of the entrance 😦

on the way to the entrance

The ticket come in the shape of film 🙂 so cute~ and one voucher to watch a short movie played inside the museum, but I see there’s quite long queue so we go around first.

Inside the museum you can see lots of things, like the animation projection, with those classic tools (that I had no idea what is the name…), small library where Hayao Miyazaki keep the references for his movies 🙂 , and small Ghibli store inside the museum also where you can buy lots of cute plush, key chain, bookmark, postcard, music box, etc. We did buying lots of things here, but their collections not so much variations, although they have some of the things I didn’t found in other Ghibli stores (we found 1 store in Kyoto and another 1 in Nagoya…maybe I update in other blog post).

They also have biggggggg (I can’t say if it’s live size) Neko Bus (the cat bus from Totoro movie)…!! Can’t take picture, sob sob… 😦 and it’s for kids only :v why?? As adults I also want to try to go inside the cat bus~~

Then we climbing up again, and finally I can take pictures~

take the stairs up~

And see what’s on the rooftop :

looks like the real one~
You can take picture with it… she’s not me btw… pfffft
you can see the entrance from above~
that glass dome can see thru the inside of the building
and guess what we found also 😀
time to go down and head to the Straw Hat Cafe (not Luffy(One Piece), lol). Btw see the queue there? Near afternoon I can see more people coming, it’s getting crowded because people who come since morning still haven’t go out :p (including me)
Straw Hat Cafe~ It’s still located inside the museum complex, just beside the main building
look around the cafe before joining the long queue
long queue… because that was on lunch time
something to eat… LOL
and something to drink 😀

Finally we go in after wait around 20 minutes… while some of my friends go back to museum and watch the short movie (so I didn’t watch 😦 )

The interior inside the cafe also very cute~ too bad not allowed to take photos again…! The waiter running to me again when I take out my camera and pointing to anything-but-not-the-foods. I already knew what she going to say so I just say sorry and put back my camera.

Pasta Napolitan with a Mischievous Meatball – small portion but quite nice
I forget which soup we order… but this one just so-so
whole pizza toast with bacon and mushroom~ this one nice~
okay at fist I thought the picture are the same, but this one with the rose on the hat
and this one with ribbon~ 😀
Strawberry Short cake…!! Which is very big in reality 😀 this one nice!
…I forgot the name
Cafe Mocha cake trifle with chocolate granola topping
I love all the table wares, those plates and mugs and everything…!!! XD

We’re done with lunch and decide to go around for some places we haven’t take a look.

awww… see the cute kids below there~
You can try that also~ water will come out all the way…
to this~ fufufu~
That’s the Straw Hat Cafe
I would want to visit again~~

We go out from the museum and walk to the other entrance (not really entrance but you see other gate). I came here before when I failed to get the ticket, so I just take a look from outside… and I know there is one big Totoro there~ I bring my group to walk there and told them where I saw the big Totoro last time.

so big~~
as always, kids are the cutest with Totoro 😀 and they’re not my kids, hahaha
we found this cute banner also near this other gate
see that?? 😀 so cute~~

And time to go again~ There is Inokashira park around this museum too, and you should check it out during Sakura season 🙂 I came here after Sakura season finished in Tokyo, so we didn’t go there.

we got Ghibli bus again~ 😀

Hope you can visit this museum too…!


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