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Bangkok Trip – True Love Cafe Siberian Husky

The most exciting part of my short trip to Bangkok was this pet cafe~ *Ok it’s because I always love to visit animal-related-places like how I ‘die-die’ want to visit Ookunoshima Island (rabbit island) during my Japan trip* I found this cafe from their FB page Neverland Siberans. You can find the location and instruction how to go there from their page. For me, I just take taxi from my hotel and show the driver the address from the photo of their business card :p

The ticket for the entrance is 350 Baht, including one drink and one cake. PLEASE TAKE A NOTE THAT THEY ARE CLOSED ON EVERY MONDAY.

Their address

Address in Thai for your taxi driver: 153 ซอยอารีย์สัมพันธ์ 2 ( คนละซอยกับอารีย์ 2 นะคะ) สามเสนใน พญาไท กทม

For the direction, you can take the BTS. Get off at Ari Station and go to exit 1, go down on the Shell Gas Station side of the street, walk a little bit further along the traffic to Soi Paholyotin 7 then turn left into the soi you will see the tuk tuk station. Take one of them to the cafe, most of the tuk tuk drivers know that place very well. The tuk tuk will cost you only 30-40 baht per trip. —> but when you go back from the cafe to BTS it cost 80 THB for them to fetch you and send you to Ari BTS.

The interaction time takes 1 hour each round so please arrive ON TIME the round you wish to join starts to avoid disappointment. Gate opens @12:00 (and yet I reach there 11:30 something… the gate still closed but you can try to knock – I forget is there a bell? – and someone will open the gate for you and let you sit on the bench to wait – don’t waste your time, fill in the Registration Form!)

The banner information

Interaction time : Tuesday – Thursday 12:30 PM & 3:30 PM
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12:30 PM, 3:30 PM, 6:00 PM

After register, you have to pay that 350THB and get the cake and drinks ticket before you can go in to the cafe.

Inside the cafe
They sell husky plush, t-shirt, and many other things~~
looks clean and tidy~
the coaster…
I order pork belly something for lunch

Because I reach there 11:30 so I already planned to have lunch there also. Not many choices but they serve nice foods there 🙂 By 12:30 I finish my meal, because I though they will start as sharp as Japanese people but noooo…

The dogs are running around outside already… and doing their ‘business’, pfff….

I wanna quickly go outside but still no announcement when will they start the session 😦 BTW there are people who always standby to cleaning up the mess from the dog’s “business” (small and big), so worry not, their playground is clean enough 🙂 (oh please, the real dog lover won’t bother such kind of thing, right? SAY “YES”!)

Finally they announce they will start the session, they will give blue plastics to wrap our feet (take off your shoes) and you have to wash your hands. Then you have to wait for the owner lady for the to-do and not-to-do before you can go behind the fence…

Very long speech using Thai, and quite short speech using English
and there you go~ playing time *the huskies waiting for carrots from the lady
Yup.. they actually busy playing and ignore us humans

So there are 3 area you can go in, because they need to separate the packs where there are alpha dogs who will fight if they’re in the same area. You can always go from one area to another area, someone will help to open the fence’s door.

they still waiting the owner to give them carrots again

So.. you’re not allowed to feed them (of course…but I knew in Seoul; the dog cafe there – you can buy the dog treats for the dogs), not allowed to touch / put in your hand to their mouth, etc. All the dogs are well behave to human, but only the blue merle australian shepherd that super friendly to human 😀 he did lick my face whenever I want to take selfie with that sweet boy (maybe male, lol)

say hi to Momo~

They not only have siberian husky, but also australian shepherd, akita (not there during the interaction session though), and this lovely Momo (tell me what is her breed?)

I think 1 hour is enough to play with them, because eventually you will feel exhausted also because of the heat (I can’t stand the heat… Bangkok too hottttt…). Some dogs also just lie down after feel tired playing and don’t bother people who still want to take selfie with them.

too hot~
one fluffy guy, I think his/her name is Panda


At the end of the session, the staffs will told you to walk to the dog “house” entrance. You should prepare to take slow-mo video of them running inside their crate (and maybe meal time).

I did take the slow-mo videos and upload it to my Instagram… Not sure how to embed it here, so here’s the link of the video :

credit : Neverland Siberians FB

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