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Bangkok Trip – Sunflower field @ Lopburi

I’ve been looking forward to see the sunflower field ever since I found the article about it before I went to Bangkok. Many people said that the sunflower bloom Nov-Dec, but when I went there around 20 Nov, it’s not full bloom yet because the weather still too hot (I think 2015 weather really bad… when I visit Tokyo on April also snowing in the mid of spring, imagine that!). And my Thai colleague not recommend me to go there because it’s too far (well but I’m not really keen to visit temple, temple, and another temples in Bangkok – growing up in Indonesia make me bored with those temples since I’ve been to many temples in Central Java and Bali), and my stubbornness can’t be tolerated so I still went to the sunflower field in Lopburi / Saraburi (beats me, I had no idea where is it exactly).

So we rent a car (plus the driver) to go there (actually… there’s a public transport to go to Saraburi by train but I can’t afford to get lost because I have to go back to Bangkok before 6PM to meet my friend) and it took around 3 hours to reach (including traffic jam because the construction works on the road). Along the road we saw kind of huge buses (the driver told me they were tour buses, but I’m still shock because the bus kind of remind me those over-makeover vehicle in US or even those in Mad Max movie, lol πŸ˜€ )

Here I capture the photo of one of them :

rear part of the bus

Finally we saw the first sunflower field near the Topasak Dam, but the flowers look pathetic -___-

too hot… even sunflowers can’t take anymore sun lights, lol

Then we reach the Topasak Dam which I didn’t really plan to visit, but the driver bring us there so we can look around.

Topasak Dam
hot hott hotttt…. >___<
don’t ask me how hot it was… my skin feels like burned just standing under the sun for a while

Then we continue the journey to find bigger (and better) sunflower field around there. The driver did get lost before finding one (there’s no signs or whatever to telling us where are the sunflower fields… I guess not many people consider the sunflower as tourist destination).

And finally, a better sunflower fields~ anyway need to pay entry fee 10THB (I heard some fields are free but the one I visited all charges people who want to go in)

Sunflower~ Blue Sky~
we’re not alone though, I just purposely take picture where no one in the photo :p
not fully bloom, but well…
Sunflower everywhere~

Conclusion is… better go there on December because I think they will be bloomed already although the rainy season come late. And come SUPER EARLY before 10 AM (reach there by 9-10AM, so if you depart from Bangkok should be around 6-6.30 AM)… I was there too late in the afternoon and not only me who suffer but my camera and phones also. They became too hot under the sun light until I though they might explode if I stay there longer.

There are people who selling sunflower seeds and other things related to sunflower near the entrance. But the one capture my interest is the big honey combs :

not sure if the honey comb edible or not…

Before we going back to Bangkok, we visit the eating place (not really) near from there, the Chokchai Farm. My Thai colleague told us the steak there very nice, but I tried the pork steak instead of the beef steak.

not this building but behind them

There are several buildings in that area, with different names on it, like Steakburger, Steakhouse…

not this one also… although I suspect actually they all connected ^^”

So we go in to the restaurant and I love the atmosphere, cowboy style~ lol


My prime ribs pork steak something – if don’t remember wrongly ^^”

I recommend this place for lunch if you visit Lopburi (or Saraburi, sorry I really had no idea), the steak did turn out to be special~ tempted to try their wagyu beef but I don’t think I’d get the same one like those I tried when I visit Kobe (it’s just me.. go ahead and order wagyu there, I think they’re giving the good quality meat)

After lunch we walk around there to see the souvenir shops. Everything really about the cow and milk πŸ˜€

aww… remind me to the cows in Harvest Moon game
okay, not only cow but also sheep & goat
They really produce a lot of things from milk
but nope… not everything made from milk, hahahaa

Overall this place seems interesting if you come with family and small children. You can go into the farm and interact with the animals (pay the entrance fee), watch some performance from their dogs, riding horse (maybe?), etc. You can see from their website

In the end, would I recommend the day trip to Lopburi/Saraburi? Yes… only if you sure that the sunflower already bloomed (December would be better than November) and only if you can make it to reach there early in the morning. I know some people find a hotel / guest house around Lopburi to stay over so they can visit the sunflower early in the morning, but if you don’t have much time or first time come to Bangkok, I think you better spend your holiday around Bangkok first.


4 thoughts on “Bangkok Trip – Sunflower field @ Lopburi

    1. I just check the photo from last time.. Kurobuta prime rib 390 Baht, others like pork t-bone steak 420 baht, some other pork steaks 320, 350, or 390 Baht. The beef (so called their wagyu menu) is slightly more expensive than the pork. Hope the sunflower was in full bloom when you reach there πŸ™‚ contact local ppl to help u find the sunflower field (ps. not all Thai / Bangkok ppl familiar with the Lopburi area)


  1. Hi there can I just check with you how much did you rent the car with a driver? May I have the contact please? As Im planning to visit the sunflower field but still confused which one to go. I am planning to take rail/bus to saraburi first before I rent a car at saraburi and after returning the car I will take bus/rail back to bangkok again. As I thought that renting a car with a driver from bangkok must be quite expensive. Can you advise me a better solution maybe? Thank you!!!


    1. Hi, if I don’t remember wrongly it was 3000 THB to rent a car with driver for 1 day (include the gas). I don’t have the contact as I just ask the hotel receptionist to help me book one car. This renting car option is better if you go with many ppl, like 3-4 persons, if you travel alone or only 2 persons, better take the train.


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