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Bangkok Trip – Petite Audrey Cafe

The first flagship store of Audrey chain was Audrey Cafe & Bistro on Thonglor soi 11, launched in 2011. The chain has now reached total of 6 branches with 4 branches under “Audrey” chain and 2 branches under “Kelly”, a sister brand of Audrey Café & Bistro.

I found this in their website and decide to visit the nearest branch from my training site: Petite Audrey in Siam Center (and yet I just realize they have branch in EmQuartier that even closer to my hotel, sob). It still has the French inspired interior and setting, although after seeing the photos of the Audrey Cafe and Bistro at Thonglor branch will make you think this Petite Audrey just a small cafe shop in the mall (because that Thonglor branch looks so cozy to chill in the afternoon..!). Not to mentioned their Kelly by Audrey cafe also damn beautiful..! (esp their Central Plaza Ladprao branch, OMG so sweet!) I will visit them for sure next time >__<

Although some bloggers mentioned about their desserts, actually they have nice dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too~ note : but yes their cakes/mille crepes sold out quite fast in Petite Audrey 😦 I came here 2 times to finally get my mille crepes.

So we order foods like Tom Yum Kung (again… we haven’t feel bored yet that day), Thai Sukiyaki Fried Glass Noodle, Fried River Prawn with salt, garlic and pepper, and Fried Crispy Pork Knuckle.

Let me skip the photo of Tom Yum (too mainstream) and the Sukiyaki Glass noodle (because I will recommend you to try this from Lukkaithong instead).

Fried Crispy Pork Knuckle

This one quite ok… although I expect for better taste

Fried River Prawn with salt, garlic, and pepper

The prawns consider very large~ and I like the taste also 😀

So for the desserts, we order 2 mille crepes and another 1 which is from the previous day when we failed to get the mille crepe ^^”

Thai tea crepe cake (whats written on the menu… but it’s mille crepe)

Looks terribly tempting huh? 😀 It’s not that sweet compare to the milo volcano mille crepe.

Milo Volcano Crepe Cake

Actually I didn’t found this milo volcano in their website menu’s (the downloadable pdf menu), but after browse their website yeah it’s still there (hope it will be permanent menu though). Although this cake way sweeter than the Thai tea mille crepe, if you prefer chocolate taste than Thai tea then you should order this~

and this one… we order because the previous day we already had our dinner before we came to this cafe, but it turn out to be nice dessert too..!

Thai Tea Sizzling Roti

Other than Thai tea, they also have milo, caramel, and green tea sizzling roti.

You can browse thru their menu in the website :

Their downloadable pdf menu may not be most updated though…

Petite Audrey
Siam Center 4th Floor (opening time should be the same with the mall)


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