hello world ~

Hello there, whoever happen to visit my blog 😀 It’s not the first time I write blog but last time I wrote blog on Friendster (oh yeah, if you’re born before 1990 you will know what is Friendster), since the website itself gone under ‘construction’ (or can say lost all users because we all move on to Facebook), the blog is GONE forever, and I lost my passion to write any blog again after that…

So… this is the first post in this new blog, and I think it’s my chance to introduce myself : a blessed daughter, a dog lover especially Samoyed (I have one female Samoyed named Rikku) and Welsh Corgi (actually I love most of animals but I totally hate insects), Japanese-things-lover (named it manga, J-dorama, J-pop, etc), YamaPi fans XD

I was born in Indonesia (Bandung), grown up in my father’s hometown (somewhere between Jakarta and Bandung), continue my study in Bandung and currently work & staying in Singapore~ so when I want to start over writing blog again, quite dilemma whether to write in English, or Indonesian language, or both (lol). I’ve never been confident with my not-even-grammatically-correct-English, but I think its more enjoyable for everyone to read in English 🙂

Well, I’ll post everything that I want to write here~ yoroshiku ^^/


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